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Organizations that promote new ways of thinking about Information and Knowledge Management

1. FSG – Knowledge Exchange

The knowledge exchange is the central location for all our thought leadership, publications, videos and webcasts as well as blogs and discussion forums. FSG – Knowledge Exchange – Strategic Evaluation Blog 

2. Acumen Fund Knowledge Center  

A Wealth of Knowledge – Acumen Fund’s investments support some of the world’s most innovative businesses. We believe sharing what we learn with others will extend our impact beyond our portfolio. The Knowledge Center, an ever-growing library of stories, tools and lessons, allows others to leverage insights from our work to change how people and institutions fight poverty.

3. Bridgespan Group  

The Bridgespan Group works with nonprofit organizations and foundations in three ways. Through strategy consulting, executive search, and philanthropy advising

4. Tactical Technology Collective

Turning Information into action

5. Knowledge Communities

Helping Foundations and nonprofits Build Communities that Share Knowledge

6. N-TEN (Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network)

NTEN facilitates the exchange of knowledge and information within our community. We connect our members to each other, provide professional development opportunities, educate our constituency on issues of technology use in nonprofits, and spearhead groundbreaking research, advocacy, and education on technology issues affecting our entire community.

7. 4Good—a community for social impact

4Good is an online collaboration platform for doing good. You can think of 4Good as a community for social impact. 4Good is a Washington State Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) and a Certified B Corporation.
4Good is designed to strengthen nonprofit organizations and social enterprises by connecting like-minded professionals and community members, and by empowering the sharing of a wealth of resources from which they may benefit.
Learn from our community, Share (and sell) your own resources to help others, raise awareness, and build your own community, Connect with thought-leaders and trend-setters in your communities for help, support

8. is a community website focused on hosting and storing twitter chats around the #KMers hashtag. (Gurteen Knowledge)

 WeKnowMore.orgKnowledge Management for Individuals, Networks and Non-Profit Organizations

9. Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector, and co-founder  and facilitator of the Ethos Roundtable

10. InfoDev: Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Promoting ICT-Enabled Entrepreneurship through Business Incubation

11. UNESCO Global Open Access Portal:

A wealth of examples of Knowledge Exchanges

12. Ututilis Consulting

The Society for Useful Information- Marc Solomon is a knowledge planner in the management consulting industry and facilitator of the Society of Useful Information. Our mission is to make information useful rather than have it use us. Our “How to Use Information” workshops ground information managers, academics, and entrepreneurs in research tools and practices they can integrate their own online investigations.


helps organizations channel insight into action.
Putting conversation back into the center of strategy and knowledge-transfer, we work closely with our clients to harness untapped knowledge to solve business problems. Whether your organization is experiencing a merger integration, seeking strategies to accelerate innovation, or even looking for a way to make social media initiatives more productive.

14.  A Fascination with Knowledge (blog)
LWM Technology Services
Lynda Moulton
LWM Technology Services is an expert resource for business executives seeking straightforward planning and execution guidelines to maximize the value of their knowledge assets. Working with knowledge champions at all levels of an organization, we work with enterprises to ensure the most direct and cost effective path that will make content and expertise retrievable throughout the organization