Operational and Management Support to help build
sustainable and scalable companies


Our strategic, adaptive, and solutions-focused services address the complexity and challenges of early-stage, growth-driven, social purpose organizations

  Strategic Assessment       
Project Management
Earned-Income Strategies 
Evaluation Strategies and Tools
Knowledge & Information Services   
  Engagement and Learning

Key components to Establish organizational durability

Strategic Assessment

Collaborative, actionable, cross-sector – what works, what doesn’t

Project Roadmap: Identify roadblocks, constraints, solutions

Social Impact Business Models:
Understand the unique considerations of how to create financial value while delivering a product or service to underserved populations.
Elements of a sustainable social enterprise, discover market opportunities

Entrepreneurial Organization Processes:
Map customer journey, develop Leadership strategies, guidelines for working with mentors, preferred practices for pursuing collaborations & alliances, technology solutions to streamline operational processes

Evaluate Earned-Income Strategies Evaluate the feasibility of earned
income as a significant, new revenue source

Project Management  
Lead, manage and drive vision and strategy for the organization’s project and programming functions

Advocacy, collaboration, research, investor engagement, marketing systems;  
Engage client teams towards strong, positive, effective outcomes tailored towardsproject objectives & the enterprise culture

Partnerships, Alliances, Collaborations, Strategic Alliances

Which is best for you?
What will it take for this to be a successful collaborative process?

Key elements of Successful Partnerships –What to look for
Setting the ground rules, governance, structure, coordination, and funding

Evaluation Strategies and Tools

Know what you’re trying to achieve, where you’re going and the flexibility to adapt

Insights to Action Lean Data Approach to Monitoring and Evaluation
“Provide clients with the tools to understand and quantify the value they create”

Unique, Customer-Centric techniques that encourage response and customer engagement
Bottom-Up Customer Accountability vs. traditional top-down compliance

Knowledge and Information Services

Is your firm’s strategic knowledge findable?  
Do staff readily share information and knowledge?
Do staff tend to work in silos as the firm has grown and evolved?
Is a Central Portal or Intranet available?

How is your organization leveraging its institutional knowledge?

• Are you losing valuable institutional knowledge with frequent staff transitions
• Are you making  decisions based on complete information
• Are Staff recreating work others have done
• Are staff fully informed on developments and events, are they consistent in speaking about the company?

Opportunities for Engagement & Learning

How do you explain your conceptual ideas, innovative approaches?

Social collaboration strategies, platforms and tools to connect the dots and people
•Design & implement workshops, trainings, presentations & conferences
•Instructional design Tools & Curriculum for online trainings
•Online surveys and interview protocols, assessment tools, data collection, interpret results








Knowledge for Impact provides business & management expertise towards expanding, measuring, and leveraging key opportunities in the social change ecosystem.