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Paula Cohen, MA, MLS, MBA

What information professionals bring to the table? They are pathfinders, the Guide in a sea of knowledge that is multiplying exponentially, and they may not know everything, but they know where to locate it. ~MaryEllen Bates 

I am an experienced management and project manager with a keen desire to continually learn and thrive in a collaborative, entrepreneurial culture. I am a natural knowledge facilitator, connecting people to people and people to content, towards a common goal,  expressing my passion for social causes by adding a social impact lens to all aspects of the programs I design.

I use a practical, interdisciplinary approach to help organizations make the most of their opportunities. By blending the systematic, rigorous approach to business practices, born of library methodology with the solutions-focused strategies of corporate project management, I  design personalized strategies, policies, and tools that fit each organization’s unique needs and culture.

I have invaluable experience designing and implementing projects for both the public and private sectors that involved information and knowledge services, business development, client relationship management and interdisciplinary team leadership.

I have authored corporate histories and articles on the role of business in public history and conducted trainings and workshops on the techniques for designing, marketing, and implementing corporate information and history programs.

I earned a joint MLS/MA as well as an MBA degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. She currently lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she is active in the Cambridge Innovation Center and is exploring applications and technologies for social purpose initiatives. She is interested in working with Accelerators, Incubators, hybrid organizations, public/private partnerships, and B Corporations.

Phone number 617-413-8324
Email   paula@knowledgeforimpact.com


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