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  What makes you good at what you do?   For most of us, the answer is experience: A combination of hard-won lessons, carefully cultivated relationships and resources, and the ability to apply those in just the right way to the job at hand.
           Our strategic, adaptive, and solutions-focused services address the complexity and challenges of varied sectors, early-stage,
growth-driven, organizational structures, mission and model.

Key components to Establish organizational durability

        Project Roadmap: Identify roadblocks, constraints, solutions

Strategic Assessment

Understand the unique considerations of how to create financial value while delivering a product/service to under-served populations, for building a business model and analyzing a value chain in the social sector

Project Management
Lead, manage, and drive vision and strategy for the organization’s project and programming functions, including advocacy, collaboration, research, innovation, investor engagement, marketing systems; engage client teams towards strong, positive, effective outcomes tailored towards project objectives & the enterprise culture

Evaluation Strategies and Tools Insights into Action

Know what you’re trying to achieve, where you’re going and the flexibility to adapt

Social Impact Business Models
The Rise of New Business Models introduced by social businesses and startups: expectations and requirements of their communities, stakeholders and funders to efficiently use resources and networking tools have focused attention on ways the organization is leveraging its institutional knowledge.

Lean Data approach.
 Apply new technologies to best practices; compare data among institutions: discover and compare Best Practices; focus on individual and organizational outcomes What were outcomes(destination) are they clearly defined? Long-term implications are more significant in evaluating the outcome of decision-making

Social Impact Analysis  Techniques to measure and analyze financial as well as social impact, focusing on bottom-up accountability and customer-centric approach that encourages response and customer engagement. of key importance is how insights from quantitative & qualitative data are applied to create greater impact.  

   Partnership/Collaborations/Strategic Alliances

    A Roadmap for a successful collaborative process. What to look for, guidelines and “Proven Practices”, what tactics can be                  applied to address important activities and how to put the framework into practice. 

Evaluate Earned-Income Strategies

    Evaluate the feasibility of earned income as a significant, new revenue source. Identify strategic opportunities – issues and trends        that can be leveraged into new service offerings. Assess organizational goals, resources & constraints, strengths to exploit specific     opportunities, Evaluate Market Opportunities, and ways to increase the amount of earned income received, in order to reduce its         dependence on contributions and grants

Knowledge and Information Services
    As Firms Move Towards Streamlining Operations And Maximizing Impact
Know What You Have, What You Need and Where to Find What You’ll Need In The Future

    How to make strategic knowledge findable, and techniques for staff to better share information and knowledge;
to help break down barriers, make new connections, connect the dots, and build bridges among all initiatives, and communities

      • losing valuable institutional knowledge with frequent staff transitions
      • staff tend to work in silos as the firm grows and evolves, and often recreate work others have done.
      • No central portal or Intranet for staff to be fully informed on developments and events.


Knowledge for Impact provides business & management expertise towards expanding, measuring, and leveraging key opportunities in the social change ecosystem.