Knowledge and Information Services

Capture   Organize   Share

Project design and management             Knowledge/Information strategy development

Assessment, feasibility studies, information audits

What knowledge management is and what it does

Identifies and Addresses

  • Problems with accessing information, Information gaps and redundancies: not duplicating
    repeatable processes or recreating work that’s been done by others
  • How to gain business value from social media
  • The role of technology – tools and processes to manage information overload

Where to Begin

Start with  Questions

  • What knowledge is strategic to your business & what are the business outcomes the
    firm is trying to achieve
  • How is knowledge created, where is it held, how well formed is it,
    how much of it has to remain tacit, who needs to apply it, what is holding it back
  • Define the problem, and then choose the tools

Problem Solving Approach to:

– Translate organizational information and knowledge needs into a project plan
– Identify the problem(s); develop a plan to address i t– Assessments, Information Mapping, Audits
– Define project objectives  and direction


 Information Research –  in-depth research in support of important internal initiatives and external projects
Design and Content Management to capture, organize, access, re-use, and distribute content
Tools and Techniques for optimal collaboration and capture the Decision-Making process