What makes you good at what you do?

For most of us, the answer is experience: A combination of hard-won lessons, carefully cultivated relationships and resources, and the ability to apply those in just the right way to the job at hand.

The same can be said for your organization. The knowledge, experiences, information and relationships accumulated over the years are a crucial source of competitive advantage. Yet, while an individual can store, filter and manage the information in their head without conscious thought, an organization’s pool of knowledge and expertise needs more deliberate management.

While the corporate sector has been catching on to the value of actively managing their knowledge and information resources, many social purpose organizations continue to manage theirs on an ad-hoc basis. As a result, vast amounts of useful experiences and information are undocumented or stored away, inaccessible to the staff they might benefit. Worse, those resources may be at risk from staff turnover or lapsed partnerships.

Don’t leave your knowledge resources to chance.

Knowledge for Impact can help your organization make the most of its expertise by mapping out existing resources and finding the best tools for sharing information and experiences – where and when they’re needed. We provide:

• Information Audits & Assessments • Project Management & Measurement of Impacts • Information & Content Strategy • Records Management Audits • Proposal Development …to improve your organization’s efficiency, access to information, and opportunities for collaboration and growth.