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Knowledge for Impact offers solutions to the critical challenge facing many of today’s social purpose organizations: The waste and lost opportunities that result from ad-hoc approaches to managing knowledge, expertise and information.

INTERNALLY the effective capturing, storing and sharing of the information will  improve productivity and staff engagement. These are the same benefits reaped by the corporate sector with it’s extensive in-house knowledge and information services.

COLLABORATION is particularly important to the social enterprises Every like-minded organization is a potential partner rather than a competitor. The ability to stream-line learning and information sharing is critical to effective decision-making and generating greater social impact.

Paula Cohen, MA, MLS, MBA

Paula Cohen is a catalyst for change who challenges people to think differently about how they use information.

She uses a practical, interdisciplinary approach to help organizations make the most of their knowledge. By blending the systematic, rigorous approach to information management born of library methodology with the solutions-focused strategies of corporate project management, she designs personalized strategies, policies and tools that fit each organization’s unique needs and culture.

She has invaluable experience designing and implementing projects for both the public and private sectors that involved information and knowledge services, business development, client relationship management and interdisciplinary team leadership.

Ms. Cohen has authored corporate histories and articles on the role of business in public history, and conducted trainings and workshops on the techniques for designing, marketing, and implementing corporate information and history programs.

A long time SLA member, Paula earned a joint MLS/MA as well as an MBA degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. She currently lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she is active in a number of Knowledge Management professional communities and is exploring knowledge service applications and technologies for social purpose initiatives.