Solutions to the critical challenges facing social purpose organizations

Business and Management Expertise in support of leveraging and expanding key opportunities in the social change ecosystem

What will it take to be the 21st century model of social change …to respond to fluid conditions and demands, to demonstrate impact, attract the best people, to take advantage of available opportunities, make the business case clear and credible to stakeholders, attract partnership and investment, reflect the needs and strengths of
their constituents

What does it take to build a sustainable organization
Building blocks, tools and processes to create efficiencies, manage costs, 

increase agility, and establish organizational sustainability

KFI maintains a long-term holistic enterprise view of organizations that ensures solutions are components
 in a strong foundation designed to support future growth and effective operations

Knowledge for Impact 
Contributes to the successful operations of entrepreneurial, early stage organizations, through strategic, adaptive and solutions-focused services:
We can help your organization make the most of its expertise and opportunities as it moves from prototype, launch and scale, with strategic, adaptive and solutions-focused tools and information where and when they’re needed. We provide:

Strategic Assessment  
•Evaluate Market Opportunities & Competitive Landscape
     •Cross-Sector Alliances & Partnerships

Project Management    
• Results-Based Project Design & Management

Evaluation Strategies and Tools            
    •Techniques to Measure & Analyze Impact

Earned-Income Strategies     
   •Research/Evaluate Earned Revenue Opportunities

Knowledge & Information Services
Identify ways to make strategic knowledge findable and ways for staff to better share information and knowledge;
to help break down barriers, make new connections, connect the dots, and build bridges among all initiatives, and communities